posted Jun 6, 2013, 5:46 PM by St. Kevin Religious Education
It's hard to believe, but the 2012-2013 school year is over!  It seems like only yesterday when we were beginning the new school year.  This past Catechetical year has also flown by quickly among us, and now we are in "summer time" mode.  A time when our kids get to relax, enjoy some fun activities, and take a break from school.

When we hear summer, we get the mentality of getting away; of taking a break; of going on vacation.  It's true.  We do try to get away from the routines and things we have been doing and have been used to for the past months.  Summer affords us the opportunity to recharge and refresh ourselves, because before we know it, another school year has started in August.

However, this does not apply to our faith and to our relationship with God and Jesus.  God never takes a vacation, and thus, we should also never take a vacation from God.  Wherever we go, there is always the chance to pray, even just one Our Father, every day.  There is a Catholic Church nearby anywhere we go, where we can attend Sunday Mass.  Our summer vacation should not be time away from God.  We should remember to keep God with us, as we go about our rest, relaxation, and fun activities.

Summer affords us the chance to recharge ourselves physically and mentally.  Why can't we recharge ourselves spiritually as well? 

Some ideas on how we can recharge ourselves spiritually are given in this OSV Article.  Click here to read it.

May your summer be restful, relaxing, and spiritually enriching in the Lord.