Your Generosity Knows No Bounds! (December News)

posted Dec 14, 2013, 10:35 AM by St. Kevin Religious Education   [ updated Dec 14, 2013, 10:38 AM ]
In the past few months, we have been very active here at the Religious Education Program.

In October, we distributed the raffle tickets for our annual Parish Festival.  We also held our annual Parents' Meetings, and we thank all the parents for your attendance and showing your commitment to your child's faith formation.  In addition, many of our families and students volunteered at our Annual Parish Festival on December 8th.  We would like to thank all those who volunteered for their generosity in their time and talent in helping make our Festival one of the best.

In November, we held our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, collecting food and money to aid the St. Vincent de Paul Society of the parish in distributing Thanksgiving boxes to the families in need right within our own parish community.  With what we collected, along with the contributions of the parish community at the Masses, we were able to put together over 170 boxes for the families in need in our community.  In collecting money for the turkeys, we collected over $1,600, which is the best we have ever done!  In addition, our Confirmation students, along with other students and their families, came together on a Saturday to put together the boxes.  Students in the lower grades also colored Thanksgiving pages to place inside the boxes, along with notes of blessing to the families receiving the boxes.  Once again, the generosity and enthusiasm of the families in our Religious Education Program made this all possible!

In December, we participated for the first time in the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Toy Drive, helping families with children within our own parish community to have a wonderful Christmas with new toys and gifts.  Over the span of one week, we collected more toys than we ever imagined  (See below for a picture of what was collected during the Wednesday classes alone!).  All of these toys and gifts will be used to help the over 250 children in need this year.  They will all have a brighter, happier Christmas thanks to the generosity of both the parishioners and the families in our Religious Education Program.

These are just some of the things that has been going on in the past few months.  All of this embodies the generosity and love of the parish community of St. Kevin.  This is what we as the Church, the Body of Christ are called to be:  a beacon of light to all of the presence of Christ in our midst through our service and love.  Everything that we do is never possible without the support and cooperation of all in our community of faith.

A BIG THANK YOU!  to all,  and we hope and pray that you and your families have a Blessed Christmas and a Glorious New Year!