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This is a reminder that there will be NO CLASSES from December 20th until January 3rd, 2021.  We will be on Christmas Break for two weeks.
Classes will resume:
  • Tuesday,         January 5th   
  • Wednesday,   January 6th    
  • Saturday,        January 9th
*Our schedule of Masses for Christmas and New Year’s can be found below, as well as on our website,*
As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, let us take some time to reflect on the real reason for Christmas.  It is a season to remember and celebrate the greatest gift that God has given to each and every one of us: JESUS, the Emmanuel.  May we welcome Christ into our hearts and allow Him to guide us as we continue on our journey of faith.
We share with you the video of our Christmas Presentation from this morning that was put together by some of our students.  They all did an amazing job in helping us to remember and to keep alive the reason and spirit of the season.
  • Watch on Facebook or YouTube    (The presentation starts at the 6:55 mark.)

Please also find below a special Christmas message from our pastor, Father Jesús Saldaña, to all of our families in the parish.

We wish you and your family a wonderful and holy Christmas.  May the season lead you and your families to be drawn closer to Jesus Christ, the Emmanuel, God-with-us.  May the New Year of 2021 be filled with blessings and graces from our Lord above.




Dear brothers and sisters:
Peace and Goodness to all.
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to our daily lives, including our social habits.  Some people have asked me what the new norms will be for this Christmas.  My answer is that Christmas must always be “new” on our part and should never be ”the same as last year” or simply following popular traditions.
The birth of Jesus of Nazareth occurred hundreds of years ago.  But at every Christmas, moved by our faith, we celebrate the presence of God the Father in the history of humankind and his presence among us through his Son, Jesus Christ, who dwells among us and fulfills the promise of the Father.  After his Resurrection, he left us the gift of the
Holy Spirit, which gives us the strength we need to remain and persevere in his ways, bringing his message of solidarity, peace, and communion of love with God and our neighbor in always searching for the good and noble that draws us closer to his mercy in fulfilling his will.
To meditate on the true meaning of Christmas, I leave you with this quote from the Gospel of Saint John, Chapter 3, verse 16:
For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life.
Merry Christmas, and a blessed and healthy New Year!


St. Kevin Catholic Church
Thursday, December 24th  (Christmas Eve)
6:00 pm      English          (Christmas Vigil Mass)  
12:00 am:  Midnight  Mass  –  Bilingual        (livestreamed)

Friday, December 25th    (Christmas Day)
8:00 am      English
9:30 am      Spanish
11:15 am     English
1:00 pm      Spanish
7:00 pm      Spanish
Remember, NO confessions on Christmas Day.
Thursday, December 31st
7:30 pm      Spanish         Vigilia por Maria, Madre de Dios
Friday, January 1st, 2021  (Mary, Mother of God)    (HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION)
7:30 am      English
6:00 pm      English
7:30 pm      Spanish

*Livestreamed Masses can be found on Facebook: