posted Apr 3, 2019, 9:12 PM by St. Kevin Religious Education   [ updated Apr 3, 2019, 9:12 PM ]
As mentioned at the rehearsal, please note that NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHS OR VIDEO are allowed to be taken during the Confirmation at the church to maintain the solemnity and respect of the sacrament being celebrated.  Pictures WITHOUT FLASH are allowed ONLY from the seats in the pews.  Please make sure to inform all those attending as well.
We will have a professional photographer from Enrique Munoz Studio taking pictures of each candidate as they are confirmed by the bishop at the Confirmation Mass.  He will be the ONLY ONE allowed to take flash pictures at the front during the actual Confirmation.  No one else is allowed to come to the front or stand in the aisles or in the back to take pictures at any point during the Mass.
The photographer will also be available after the Mass in the Chapel if you would like to have any professional photos taken of your Confirmand and the family.  After the Mass, you may go directly to the Chapel and make the arrangements with them there.  You may also take your own pictures (with flash) AFTER THE MASS.
A couple of weeks after the Confirmation Mass, Enrique Munoz Studio will post the pictures in the special gallery for St. Kevin, where you will be able to view and order any pictures from the Confirmation Mass that you would like.  We will send you the information on how to access the pictures by email.  Please note that this is simply a service we provide; you are not obligated to purchase any pictures.
In addition, we have a gift shop at the entrance of the Church facing Bird Road (East entrance) where you can find some great religious articles and items for Confirmation.  They will be open beginning around 9:30 am as well as after the Mass.  They only accept cash or checks (up to $25).
Thank you for your cooperation.