posted Oct 22, 2017, 10:42 PM by St. Kevin Religious Education
We wanted to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us at our Religious Education Mass today.
A special thank you to all the students from the Confirmation classes who participated as lectors, greeters, and offertory bearers.  They did an excellent job!  Special thanks also go to all the members of our Music Ministry Choir, who did an outstanding job in leading us in praising our Lord during our first Religious Education Mass.  They all sounded amazing! 
Thank you, also, to all of you, parents and family members, for your presence today in celebrating such a special day with us.  It was a great joy to see all of our families from our Religious Education Program come together as a community of faith here at St. Kevin.  In addition, it was an incredible blessing for us to have witnessed the complete initiation of Juan Pablo into our Catholic faith.
We look forward to coming together again in our future Religious Education Masses.  We pray for continued blessings for you and your families.