Registration for Religious Education Classes for the 2020-2021 catechetical year will take place in August.  We offer continuing faith formation classes along with sacramental formation and preparation.    (Children can begin attending faith formation classes as early as first grade.)

The forms can be downloaded from the "Registration Packet" page under the drop-down menu of the "REGISTRATION" tab above.

Please be sure to read and go through the packet carefully.  In the packet, you will find the registration forms along with important information regarding the registration process, the documents that need to be included when submitting the registration, the associated fees, as well as information on the classes being offered on each specific day.

Registration will take place from July 27th, 2020 until August 26th, 2020

This year, due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, registration forms for Religious Education and all pertinent documents will need to be submitted via email to  Payment for Religious Education classes will be completed online via the program’s Square Online Portal.

Please refer to the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION REGISTRATION” information sheet, found in the packet, for detailed information on the steps to complete your child’s registration for Religious Education for the 2020-2021 catechetical year.

A parent must complete and submit all registration forms and pertinent documents to the Religious Education Office, following the instructions in the registration packet.  Registration will NOT be processed through third parties (i.e. grandparents, relatives, siblings, friends, etc.).

Should you have any questions, please email us at

"Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children.  They have a unique responsibility for the education of their children; they are the first educators, or catechists.  They catechize primarily by the witness of their Christian lives and by their love for the faith."
--National Directory for Catechesis, 54C