Please remember that we are called to attend Sunday Mass as a family every week. Attending Sunday Mass each week is an essential part of the religious education of your child. As stated in the Catechism, the Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life” (#1324). Attending Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings) not only fulfills our obligation as Catholics, but also provides your child the opportunity to practice our faith by celebrating the sacrament that embodies the essence of our faith, as well as to see the importance of the faith in our daily lives. Actively participating in the Eucharist helps you and your child to discover Christ and come to a better relationship with and love of Him.

**There are 168 hours in a week, and God is only asking for ONE (1) hour to spend with him each week at Mass.**

Click here for the Mass Schedule of St. Kevin Catholic Church

During the catechetical year, several of the 11:15 am Masses on Sunday are designated as Religious Education Masses, where children and students from the Religious Education Program are given the opportunity to participate in the various roles of the Mass, and our Music Ministry choir leads us in the celebration.

Please remember that the Eucharist (Mass) is the same at any Catholic Church. You may attend Mass at any Catholic Church of your choice, should you be unable to attend at St. Kevin.

You can access St. Kevin's Weekly Bulletin online via the website of the church.