Catholic Apps

A highlight of the Year of Faith was the emphasis on the New Evangelization.  With the evolution of technology, everything is right at our fingertips through our smartphones, tablets, etc.  We can use this technology to evangelize and to grow in our spirituality daily.  

Some great Catholic applications for smartphones and tablets have been developed to aid us on our journey of faith.  A great website, Catholic Apptitude, has compiled a comprehensive list of apps related to a variety of topics in our Catholic faith.*  We invite you to browse through their website.  A preview snippet of their website can be found below.

See full website by CLICKING HERE

*Please note that the St. Kevin Religious Education Program does not specifically endorse any of the apps found on the Catholic Apptitude website.  Also, while many of the apps may not have "official" Church approval, they often serve as very helpful resources as we continue on our journey of faith.